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Restoran Kraljevskog sela Kotromanicevo
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Restaurant of Royal village Kotromanicevo

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Food preparation using old traditional recipes

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Combine business and pleasure – conference room

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Ambient worth experiencing

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Celebrating? Go Royal!

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Stress and Nervousness? Try drinks traditional in this area

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Enjoy surrounded by nature

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Restaurant of traditional cuisine "Royal water"

Taste the forgotten dishes

One of the finest restaurants of traditional cuisine in Doboj region is located in tourist etno village Royal village Kotromanicevo. Unique in its architecture, with numerous artefacts and replicas of medieval crests, shields, swords and antiques, the restaurant enterior reminiscens of an old royal house where all your senses wull enjoy while tasting traditional dishes prepared using medieval recipes of this region.

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If you’re interested in room booking in royal village Kotromanicevo, restaurant “Royal water” booking, or an organization of seminar in our conference room, or would like to try some of additional services of etno village of Kotromanicevo, please use CONTACT page for the moment.  Very soon it will be possible to book any of the above through our booking page.  Thank you for your patience.